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One year European Diploma in Entrepreneurship

IMI's one year Diploma in Entrepreneurship, is a state of the art program aimed at making students equipped with the skills required to become an entrepreneur.

The biggest highlight of this program is that it requires no formal qualification. Any student can apply for this program, and as long as the interviewers are convinced that the student can undertake this program, the student can join.

This program is imparted in three stages to make learning flexible and easy.

The first part is the preparatory part that is imparted through a 12 week online mode to students. At times if IMI has any partner organization in any country, it is imparted in that country by the partner organization.

The second part is imparted through a 12 week rigorous program at the IMI Brussels campus. This part includes 6 day. A week classes from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening. There are regular corporate visits planned which are counted as part of learning. The fees also includes three international visits of two nights and three days each to Amsterdam, Paris and Geneva at the end of the 4th, 8th and 12th week. This four country exposure is what makes the program a truly European experience.

In Brussels, star faculty from around Europe and America would be coming to deliver each module making the program the most memorable possible experience!

The third part requires a six month entrepreneurial/managerial internship in some organization, which is a compulsory practical part of the program. During this phase there are regular online support classes organized by IMI to help the student maximize his gains from the internship. In case the country where you do your internship has an IMI partner organization then this online part is taken care of by the partner organization as a part of the on the job training. After completion of the three parts students are given the Diploma.

Over the one year 9 modules are covered that apart from the Foundation Courses include The Big Idea, Technology Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Financing the Big Idea, Entrepreneurial Finance, Marketing for Entrepreneurs, Managing a growing business, Family Business and finally the Industry Exposure which includes live consulting assignments and a nano pitch in front of VCs where some students might have their ideas selected then and there.

Fees: 11500 Euro for the entire program inclusive of the 12 week contact program in Brussels, stay in Belgium, travel and stay in Amsterdam, Paris and Geneva.

The course fees does not include the cost of travel to Brussels for the program, or the cost of food for the entire duration of stay in Europe. Typically students are generally able to manage the cost of food at Euro 125 per week. However it varies depending upon lifestyles.

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