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Tuition & Fees


APPLICATION FEE                                                        :  Euros 150 
MASTER'S (MBA) CAUTION FEE (REFUNDABLE)               :  Euros 50
BACHELOR'S CAUTION FEE (REFUNDABLE)                     :  Euros 100

Academic Year 2010-2011

 S.No Programme Names Codes Degree Duration Intake Month Total Tution fee payable to IMI
 1.   MBA Programme  (validated   by University  of Buckingham) GA-2 MBA 1 Year September  Euros 10,000
2.   MBA Programme  (with optional International Residentship)* GB-2 MBA 1 Year September Euros 16,000
3.  Post Graduate Degree in
GC-2 PGDM 1 Year Jan, April, July, October  Euros 9,000
4.  BSc (Hons) in Business &  Management (validated  by University of  Buckingham) GA-1 BSc (Hons) 2 Years September  Euros 20,000
5.  BSc (Hons) in Business & Management (with optional International Residentship)* GB-1 BSc (Hons) 2 Years September  Euros 36,000
6.  Graduate Degree in
GC-1 GDM 2 Years Jan, April, July, October  Euros 18,000

*Students opting for this programme (GB-1/GB-2) may additionally also opt for an International Residentship programme (offered exclusively by IMI)
. This programme is offered on completion of the University of Buckingham programme and doesnot come under the purview of the University of Buckingham.

# Fees for Accommodation, Food, Travel , Visa etc will be borne by the student.
-Estimated cost of annual base rent at IMI Belgium is Euros 4200 per year.

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